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The History of Emerging Media

This blog is about new and emerging media; however I believe that before you can understand the future, you need to understand the past.  I have created an overview of emerging media throughout history.  My professor loves to say that at one time the pencil was emerging media, so was everything else.  Below is a timeline of “new” media that I think was culturally significant.  If you would like to learn more about any of these, please click the links provided.

100 B.C.- Paper was invented in China

1455- The Printing Press was invented

1814- Photography emerged

1835- Samuel Morse invented Morse Code

1843- Telegraph

1876- Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone

1898- First publicly viewed film “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat”

1920- First radio broadcast in U.S.

1927- First “talkie” movie “The Jazz Singer”

1950s- Televisions entered the home

1976- First home computer- Apple

1983- Motorola begins testing cellular phones

1991- Internet

1992- 10 million cellular customers in the U.S.

1999- TiVo

2000- 3G license sold for wireless internet service

2000- “Advergaming” coined by Anthony Giallourakis

2001- Wireless laptops

2001- E- Books

2001- Text Messaging on cellular phones (SMS)

2001- Satellite radio- XM Radio

2002- WiFi enabled laptops

2003- Myspace

2003- Cellphones add computer and internet capabilities

2003- Cable company based DVRs

2004- Facebook

2004- Podcasting

2005- YouTube

2006- Blu Ray

2006- Skype

2006- Twitter

2008- iPhone 3G network

All of these inventions were crucial to making us the society than we are now, and none of it would have happened without the invention of paper.  Think about how times have changed since then. Apple has come a long way since 1976 when they introduced the first personal computer.  They are still revolutionizing the world 34 years later.  They now produce state of the art computers, lap tops, operating systems, music players, and cell phones. 

The first publicly viewed movie, ““Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat” featured, well a train arriving.  The film reportedly sent people running out of the theater screaming because they believed the train was going to hit them.  Now we have IMAX 3D theaters that produce crisp, amazing, life like images.  Televisions use to be small and in black and white.  Now we have 65 inch HD LCD and plasma screen TVs that produce a mini home theater feel. The first cell phones were the size on a human forearm, now they are smaller than a hand, have a camera, the internet, plays music, and can shoot a death ray… well that last part may be an over exaggeration, FOR NOW. 

Lately our world has been overtaken with social networking.  Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter seem to be the top 3 social networking sites right now.  These sites allow us to befriend people we barely know, or in some cases do not know at all, and learn personal details of their lives.  Of course these sites have a deeper purpose, but on the surface they are just another tool in a stalker’s arsenal. 

So my question to you- Which invention has effected you the most?  Which is the most important?

Please watch this video about the history of media. The video touches on many of the points in my timeline.  It also shows “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat” in its entirety (don’t go running out of the room, the train stops before it hits you).

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