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So easy a little old lady can do it

We are living in such a media revolution that it can be hard to keep up. I am 25 and at times I find it overwhelming. The latest new media that I started working with is Twitter. Twitter was founded in 2006, so I guess that I am running a little behind.

It is my job to know how businesses use social networking sites such as Twitter, but how do regular people use them? I don’t follow many everyday people on Twitter, my follow list pretty much consists of athletes, actors, and politicians. However, one everyday person I follow is Ivy Bean.

Ivy Bean is 104 years old. When she was growing up, the telegraph was the big thing! She is the oldest resident at Hillside Manor Residential Home in Bradford, West Yorks, England. While there is no proof that she is the oldest Twitter user, it is very probable.

Her tweets are about very common, everyday things- the TV shows she is watching, weather, and showing TwitPics. As of today, she has 55,388 followers on Twitter and 5,000 friends on Facebook (the maximum limit). She has sent 873 tweets.

Here is an adorable video of Ivy tweeting. Enjoy!

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