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I am a huge fan of Dove, and their Campaign for Real Beauty. The campaign began in 2004 as a catalyst for widening the definition and discussion of beauty. Their mission was to make more women feel beautiful every day by widening stereotypical views of beauty. According to a poll taken by Dove, only 2% of American women describe themselves as beautiful, whereas 81% believe that the media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty that most women can never achieve.

The campaign has used many new marketing methods. They produced a short film in response to their poll. The film is call “Evolution”, and features a time lapse of what a model goes though before her face ends up on a billboard. There is a team of make-up and hair people attacking the model, and then she is worked over in Photoshop. The film is really eye opening, and I encourage you all to watch it. If you have a woman (sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter, etc) in your life, I also encourage that you show the film to her.

Dove also used mobile marketing as part of the campaign. They erected interactive electronic billboards in New York City and Los Angeles. These billboards featured images of women who were not stereotypically beautiful. One featured an elderly lady with the question wrinkled or wonderful. Another featured a fair skinned red haired young lady with many many freckles, and asked ugly spots or beauty spots. The billboards featured numbers for passersby to text their vote to. The billboards then updated live with the percentage of responses for each answer. This was the first campaign of its kind, and the first interactive electronic billboard to be featured in Times Square. Dove not only used new media, but created new media.

Dove also has a self-esteem workshop for young girls and their mentors. If you have a young daughter I encourage you to find or implement a program in your area. Young girls get such crazy messages about their appearance now, that they could really use some positive reinforcement concerning their image.

Comments on: "Dove- Campaign for Real Beauty" (8)

  1. violet hatfield said:

    This is so true of today’s society. Our preceptions of beauty have been skewered by the ads of enhanced models. I support the new campaigns that show women as they really appear. We are all beautiful in our own way.

  2. I enjoy the new aspect of campaigning that Dove has taken as well. The media in general focuses so much on plastering the skinny, “ideally” beautiful woman to their products and billboards, that companies have lost sight that not everyone can or does look like a supermodel. Women like to see “real” women, because that is who we can relate to. These perfect body, perfect skin women affect the self esteem of majority of women and young girls. Yes, I get it. Companies use these “beautiful” women to maybe make people think that if they use this product then they can look like that too. But let’s be real, we don’t have a makeup artist or hair stylist following our every move. Beauty should be about who you are within and not the outside covering. I appreciate the way Dove now campaigns and I would like to see more companies show heavy duty, freckled, wrinkled, real women.

  3. I agree with violet. So much of today’s beauty ad campaigns are geered toward unrealistic goals of what we “should” look like.

  4. Darlene Munoz said:

    I agree that today the emphasis seems to be based on “fake beauty”, just like the video showed with the brush ups….leading people, especially young girls to believe this is how she should look….(without the air brushing). As far as “wrinkled or wonderful”, I believe wonderful describes her best…..she portrays “true” beauty!

  5. It’s very interesting that only 2 percent of American women find themselves beautiful. So basically through media over the last 50+ years, companies have falsely created a market of women that feel that they could improve their beauty – which just happens to be 98 percent of American women. That is a huge market.

  6. As a Girl Scout leader and mom, I learned to love Dove’s Self-Esteem and Beauty Campaign. They practice what they preach. And their media and marketing tools are fantastic. I love the videos and especially their ads. I think they reach out to just about every woman — size, shape, skin color, skin type, whatever — and when women go to the store to buy products, they don’t forget it. I know I don’t.

  7. Melanie R. Smith said:

    I totally accept Dove’s marketing of their products now. It is refreshing to see “real” and “true” beauty as opposed to the photo shopped pictures that are the mainstream in today’s media.

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