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So what good is new and emerging media, if we can’t learn from it? There are now programs in place that enable your children to learn a great deal from the internet. There are many, many sites that boast educational information. In my studies this past week, I have found that is exceptional at teaching children.

I have always been on the fence about educational television, but I believe that the shows on PBS Kids, are actually educational and that children will benefit from them. They should also supplement this education with the PBS Kids website. The site shows clips from shows and has a TON of educational games and lessons.

Parents should also take advantage of the Joan Ganz Coony Center. Joan Ganz Coony is the inventor of Sesame Street! Now her center is “devoted to accelerating children’s learning in a rapidly changing world.” The center asks, “How can emerging media help children learn?” If you have children, please check out The Joan Ganz Coony Center.

President Obama is also asking how can emerging media help children learn. He has created the Educate to Innovate campaign. The campaign is designed to improve the participation and test scores in the STEM areas- (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). He has also created, in partnership with the Joan Ganz Coony Center, the National STEM video game design competition. They want to harness the excitement and education potential of video games to advance children’s learning.

Please check out the video of President Obama announcing his Educate to Innovate campaign, to learn more.

Comments on: "How Can Emerging Media Help Children Learn?" (4)

  1. kbrachelli said:


    I really enjoyed reading your post this week. It really does say it all when it comes to emerging media, and using it as a resources to help educate children. I also like the video that you posted in regards to Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign.


  2. I agree that we should focus more on the hands on approach to education. I also agree that we have some great educational programs out there, such as “Sesame Street”. We do need to stress the importance of education in this technilogical age and those who are helping to implement it.

  3. I think that there are some great options to help with teaching children. The key word being “help.” I think too many parents leave their kids in front of the television and walk away. They need to talk to them during a show like sesame street to stimulate the thinking process as well as make it more interactive. The same thing with websites, the parents need to be there to help them through a learning game so if they get stumped they can coach them into thinking about the right answers. If more parents were active in the learning process kids would be taught how to think for themselves and not what to think.

  4. Darlene Munoz said:

    I agree with Jason….the tools provided via internet and television are great, but the parents need to use these as “learning tools” and NOT babysitters!

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